Waxahachie Year Round Event

I was informed by another letterboxer that posting pictures of the stamps I found was a breach of etiquette. I did not know the stamps themselves were a "secret". I apologize. Rather than redo the webpage I just deleted the pictures."

Historical Marker that was clue for our first letterbox search.

We went down here looking for box.

Box was missing.

We passed this 1892 fire station on our way back to the volksmarching route.

Nice house along the official route.

University administration building.

Ed at the entrance.

Yard art across the street from the University.

One of my favorite houses.

Historical marker for Getzendaner Park.

Small octagonal building behind the Chautauqua Auditorium. We are looking for another letterbox.

Clue said to look for memorial plaque, but this is not the one.

This is the plaque we were looking for.

Back to the volksmarch, we had the option to stay on the hike/bike trail or cross over Waxahachie Creek and take the nature trail. This is the creek from the bridge, but we went back to the hike/bike trail as the nature trail was muddy from last night's rain.

View of the hike/bike trail. Note the nice distance marker along the side.

Hike/bike trail alongside the cemetery.

Ed next to the clue for the next letterbox.

Artwork at the end of the hike/bike trail.

We passed this caboose at the old RR depot when we went looking for our third letterbox.

We took a small detour from the volksmarch route to visit the farmer's market.

We passed this rally for the open carry of firearms.

Back by the Courthouse to our car and we're done.