Waco, TX

We did some walking to lay out a new route for the 2014 Waco YRE. We found major construction on the Baylor Campus as well as along the Riverwalk. To change up the Year Round in 2014 it will include the Baylor Campus and Oakwood Cemetery. It won't be in downtown Waco at all. It will still start at the Hilton, but walkers will drive about a quarter mile and park at the Visitor's Center. There are many letterboxes in Oakwood Cemetery and Holy Cross Cemetery which is next two it. The route will go directly by two of the Oakwood Letterboxes. In addition in 2014 I will move the letterbox I placed along the riverwalk to a new home in the cemetery next to the Visitor's Center.

Baylor Law School

Mayborn Museum

Baylor Bear Trail

Sun just coming up behind Athletic building.

Science buildings.

Science building reflected in Waco Creek.

Fountain near Science building.

Manmade Creek from the fountain.

Bear sculpture at end of creek.

Entrance to Oakwood Cemetery.

Hot air balloon passed overhead.

Nice hawk.

Another hawk, probably the other one's mate.

Firemen's Memorial.

Back on campus we passed Waco Hall.

Judge Baylor's statue.

Pat Neff hall and garden.

Ed was the only bear at the bear pit.

Marrs McLean Gymnasium

Entrance to National Pan-Hellenic Garden.

Crossing Waco Creek.

Passing the Sports Hall of Fame.