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Land Heritage Institute

Bonnie and Orville registering.
Heinz and Priscilla working table.

Orville, Bonnie and Ed heading out on the trail.

Patricia and other walkers coming along behind.

Lots of cactus and mesquite.

Lovely huge trees.

Approaching checkpoint at the Watson homestead.

Jay and Patricia ahead of us at the checkpoint table.

More walkers coming into checkpoint.

Bonnie took our picture on the back side of the homestead.

A view of the walk trail.

What is left of the Applewhite homestead.

Bonnie going for a closer look at the corn crib.

A better look at the corn crib.

Inca style carving.

Walkers catching up to us.

Wild flowers in the tall grass..

More carvings.

Face of the carving.

Dragon's head?

Very large tractor in the hangar style building.

More carvings.

Base for something.

We crossed the paved trail but didn't walk on it.

Ed and Orville on a wooded section.

Nice hill.

They were walking the trail backward.

Climbing a short hill.

Same checkpoint, different workers.

Mary and Bonnie.

Bonnie took our picture.

Mary and I.

David Toth.

Joanne and Carol.

Leon, Bill, Pat, Darlene and Pat.