Post (Garza County) Volksmarch

C.W. Post of the breakfast cereal empire founded this town
and personally laid out the streets and lots. The streets
are very wide. Wider even than those in Fredericksburg.

Old Garza Hotel is now a Bed and Breakfast.

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Lovely cemetery entrance.

Cemetery with the caprock in the background.

Wildflowers along the highway.

Metal artwork for sale.

Old Post RR depot now Visitor's Center.

Mural on side of Saddle store.

Mural on other side of building.

City lake with caprock in the background.

Geese along the lake's edge.

More geese feeding along the walking trail.

Sign at the edge of town.

Texas Highway Department marker about Post.

Antelope tracks on school sidewalk.

Antelope at school entrance.

Old Sanitarium, now museum.

Statue of C.W. Post

Garza County Courthouse
Circa 1923 - Prairie School Design.

Main Street.

Community Center.

Tower Movie Theatre