Martin Dies Jr. State Park (Jasper County) YRE
Hen House Unit
Walked on 02/09/2013




Park Entrance.

Is the bridge tilted?

Bright green moss.

View of the trail.

Giant Magnolia Tree.

Trail Head

Another Trail Head.

Long bridge over swampy area.


Furry Moss on tree trunk.

Reminds me of sea shells.

Another of the many bridges.

View of B.A. Steinhagen Reservoir

Looking the other way from same overlook.

New growth pine trees.

Volksmarch goes on onto park roads.

Tree thick with Spanish Moss.

Out on the fishing pier.

Warning about Giant Salvinia.

Another Magnolia
Trunk is in bad shape.

All the branches on on the reservoir side.


Gum Slough.

Taking a closer look.

They have canoes you can rent.

Wildflowers - up close.

Wide view with fence.

Looking back at the fishing pier.

Screened in shelters that you can rent.

Cypress growing out in the reservoir.

Heading back to the ranger station.