Iraan Seasonal
Pecos County
Walked on 10/13/2013




Iraan sits in a valley.
Hills to the west of town.

Yard art.

Hills to the South.

Nice old rambler tucked away.

Roses are still blooming.

Nice rock house.

Supporting the school.

Safari Jeep

Hills past the school stadium.

Nice little church.

First Baptist Church right next door.

Ed and the Iraan sign at the edge of town.

Ed and the Alley Oop sign.

Fantasy Land Entrance.

Memorial to the oil industry.

Alley Oop.

Wind generator blade.

Ed as Alley Oop.

I had to do it too.

I took a ride on Dinny.

Info plague about Dinny.

Ed and Dinny.

One last view of the hills. These are on the North Side.